Best places to Get a Burger in Tysons Corner, VA

Top 5 Places to Get a Burger in Tysons Corner

Although there are many fantastic five-star restaurants with haute cuisine in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, sometimes you really just want to sink your teeth into a good old-fashioned American burger. For just this type of occasion, we have compiled a list of restaurants in Tyson's Corner that have outstanding burger options. We present you with a variety of restaurants that meet an array of special dietary requirements, too. Choose from our list and you can get a patty that is 100% all-beef or even a veggie burger.

1. The Capital Grille

There is nothing else quite like the exceptional cuisine and relaxed elegance of The Capital Grille. Everything brought to your table will be cooked to perfection, including your patty. If you are in the mood for a great burger and award-winning wine, The Capital Grille is sure to please.

2. The Silver Diner

This restaurant offers a classic diner atmosphere with a modern take on traditional culinary offerings. Burgers, vegetarian sandwiches, salmon, and salads, The Silver Diner has something for everyone. At The Silver Diner, you can expect your patty to be huge and perfectly cooked. We recommend this classic diner to anyone looking for tasty food without any hassle that will also give you a great taste of nostalgia.

3. Shutters Bar and Grill

Giant portions of perfectly cooked patties at a great price are what you will find at Shutters Bar & Kitchen. The restaurant serves food quickly and with a smile. Although their massive portions may prove to be too much for the average appetite, you can always ask box up the leftovers for an additional meal. Talk about a bargain!

4. Seasons 52

All the menu items at Seasons 52 are under 475 calories. Yes, it’s true! What's more, the tasty and filling food offers something for those of all dietary needs. The healthy and filling meals will not only taste awesome, but they will leave you feeling great. We recommend the delicious bison burger. The sour cream served with the sandwich has a great spicy kick to it. For those who want more protein, you can add extra meat to your patty. Just remember, adding extra meat will also pile on additional calories. So, if you’re watching your calorie intake, keep it simple.

5. Elevation

Boasting burgers, fries, and shakes, Elevation is a perfect restaurant choice if you are in the mood for an all-American meal. The sizzling burgers at Elevation are made from the best quality Grade A organic, grass-fed beef. Elevation also offers a fantastic veggie burger and caters to those with food allergies. If a high-quality burger is what you seek, look no further than Elevation.

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