Tysons Corner Demographics


Tysons Corner Demographics

Tysons Corner, Virginia is a thriving unincorporated community right in the heart of Northern Virginia within the Washington Metropolitan area. Home to two super shopping malls and the headquarters of dozen of companies, Tysons Corner is considered Fairfax County’s central business district. Beginning in summer 2016, the “Corner” will officially be dropped and the community will be named only Tysons.

As of 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a population of 19,627 in Tysons, with 9,481 households. Tysons is considered an “edge city,” because unlike in neighboring suburbs, people commute in during the day and away in the evenings. This means the population grows significantly during the day. The average household size is 2.87, and 23.5% of households include children under the age of 18. 39.8% of Tysons’ households are made up of married couples.

Tysons’ population is a mix of all genders and age groups. 47.7% percent of residents are male, and 52.3% female. 40.4% of the population falls within the ages of 25 to 44, and the median age is 35.8 years, making it a great town for young adults and families.
Tysons has an increasingly diverse makeup. As of the 2010 census, the population of Tysons was 60.9% White, 27.5% Asian, and 4.9% Black or African American. Those of Hispanic or Latino ancestry made up 8.1% of the population. The population will likely continue to grow, as plans are underway to further urbanize the region and development is booming.

There are many jobs and good pay to be found in Tysons. The median income for a household there is $76,465, and the median income for a family is $131,717.. Some of the major companies headquartered in include Hilton Worldwide, Freddie Mac, and Booze Allen Hamilton.

Tysons is also a great place to invest in a home, for those with the means. The median closing price for homes in Tysons is $747,000. Tysons Corner is on the new Washington Metro Silver Line, making it an ideal location for commuters within the Washington D.C. metro area.

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